Our drug rehab center is designed to help individuals overcome addiction. Our substance abuse treatment facility is more than a rehab center, we are a recovery community. Our addiction recovery center provides individuals with effective treatment, a comfortable setting, and a caring staff. Hope and Serenity is a substance abuse treatment facility that is located in Medfield, Massachusetts and offers clients the most innovative and efficient addiction recovery program available.

There is more to an effective addiction recovery program than a standard "one size fits all" approach. Our Medfield, Massachusetts drug detox clinic offers clients individualized treatment plans that are designed to meet the unique needs of the individual, which will help them recover faster and easier. Hope and Serenity is an addiction treatment facility that offers each client an individualized treatment plan.

Along with individualized treatment plans, our Medfield, Massachusetts addiction treatment center offers clients who can benefit with dual diagnosis treatment. A co-occurring disorder is when an individual has a mental health disorder and an addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is imperative for those with a co-occurring disorder because treatment for both will be integrated into a single specialized addiction treatment plan. When individuals go through an addiction treatment program but only receive treatment for an addiction, there is a chance of relapse, as the co-occurring mental disorder will be left untreated.

Hope and Serenity drug rehab clinic offers individual therapy and group therapy, which helps clients learn how to live without drugs.

The staff at Hope and Serenity want their clients to feel as comfortable as possible during intake. Intake is an integral process that requires our staff ask clients a few questions to grasp their situations. The interview process during intake will be performed by our staff, who will ask questions regarding potential co-occurring mental health disorders, past drug use, and family history of addiction. Intake will also involve mental health screening and a physical examination.

Because addiction can be complicated, it may be hard to tell the truth. During intake, it is imperative that individuals tell the truth because false information about their addiction can cause a significant impact to the progress of a treatment program from the outset. It is crucial for the success of the Hope and Serenity program that clients openly communicate with the staff during the entire treatment process.

Therapy sessions at our Medfield, Massachusetts drug rehab facility will take place in individual and group settings. Individual and group therapy sessions are when clients learn how to cope with addiction. Clients learn what led to drug use and how it escalated to an addiction, and therapy sessions also give clients the opportunity to learn strategies and techniques to avoid drug use in stressful situations.

Aftercare is one of the most vital stages in the rehabilitation process here at Hope and Serenity. Although aftercare programs will officially start when clients have completed their recovery programs and are ready to transition, aftercare will begin when clients start treatment. When clients go through intake, detoxification, and therapy, the staff at our Medfield, Massachusetts drug rehab center are working diligently to identify methods and strategies that clients will need to maintain recovery long after they finish treatment.