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There are many different types of viable therapeutic strategies. Some of these may be more traditional strategies that you might have heard before. They could include individual therapy, group therapy, or family therapy. While these terms may sound familiar to you, you may not know exactly what these different types of therapy entail. Read on to learn more about these various therapeutic strategies. The first and perhaps most familiar form of therapeutic treatment is individual therapy. During an individual therapy session, you’ll meet with your addiction counselor one-on-one in a private environment. This is ideal for introspection, and turning your gaze inward to better understand the nature of your addiction. By better understanding the underlying factors that may have contributed to your substance abuse, you stand in a better position to overcome your addiction. In these sessions, you can be assured of your privacy, and that the counsellor will always maintain your confidentiality, providing you with the complete security necessary to conduct some serious self-searching. Group therapy sessions often prove to be one of our client’s favorite techniques for recovery, despite initial apprehension regarding the process. This is because the concept of sharing your experiences with others who are in the same position as you can be daunting. The key is to recognize that by sharing information, you can help those who are with you in Hope and Serenity, and help yourself. Furthermore, in many cases, the group therapy sessions hosted in our substance abuse treatment center can provide the foundation for a sober support network after you’ve graduated from our drug abuse treatment facility. That means that once you’ve left the Hope and Serenity facility, you’ll have a group of people devoted to helping you continue to work toward your recovery goals.

Finally, Hope and Serenity is proud to offer family therapy. Family therapy ensures that the rest of the family receives the treatment they need to begin working toward their own personal recovery. Substance abuse is an especially insidious disease, because it not only affects the person who struggles with it, it also affects the rest of the family. By providing family therapy, we can help not only the client, but the family of the client as well -- which, of course, also helps the client.

In addition to these therapeutic options, we also provide a variety of holistic treatment options. Some of these might seem strange to you, but at Hope and Serenity, we only utilize treatments that are based on evidence, and vetted by the scientific method. That’s why we can provide treatment strategies like art therapy and yoga while still be confident in their efficacy: the power of peer-reviewed research allows for better treatments to enter our addiction recovery program. No matter what your situation, Hope and Serenity has the treatment options you need to succeed. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with the tools you need to reach your recovery goal. Don’t wait for another minute. Pick up the phone and call our substance abuse treatment center now.


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